I'm looking for chips for a DIY project. A group of kids working on making their own board games. Anything and everything is appreciated. Thanks!
Hello everyone. I am helping out a couple mama's in need. So I am looking for. 3T-4T boys winter/fall clothes. Crib/toddler bed sheets and blankets. Boys size (Toddler size) 10 or 11 shoes and rain boots. Girls clothing 2T. Women's pants size 10 & 12 and shirts lg to xl I am also looking for anything to keep children (ages 16, 13, 4, 3, & 2) busy during no school days so any coloring activities...
Looking for pots and planters for my indoor/outdoor plants. They're in the plastic containers now, looking for something nicer.
I am newly divorced and am looking for furniture for my new home. Bookshelves are an item I could really use if anyone has any they are willing to let go of. Thanks!
My wife and I are expecting a little one and we literally have nothing for it.could usr some help.
I m looking to create a hedge between my yard and my neighbors and was wondering if anyone has any plants they need dug up and removed or divided this fall. If I could keep the omes being removed or part of the divided ones, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
Need to replace a cranky printer with spendy ink with something economical. If you have a working Brother B&W laser no longer needed, would be happy to make pickup
If you've got fruit trees and can't use all the fruit, please let me know. I'm looking for anything so I can can it for winter. Thank you!
Seeking iphone 6 case and charge cable. Recently given a friend's old phone but case and cable are pretty beat up. If you've upgraded and have any old accessories around let me know. Would pick up in Beaverton or near Sunset TC area. Thanks!
Needing any Koi pond supplies available, food,chemicals,rocks, etc
I need bunkbeds that can come apart into 2 separate beds. Can't afford much.
My 1970s era Rival Crock Pot chipped its lid. Outside diameter 7.75 in & inside diameter 6.5 in. Thanks
Looking for a sprinkler or something to water a small garden
Any color is fine, but I am needing Rubbermaid rather than brands like Sterlite since I have to carry them a ways when they are full. I m a Master Recycler and use them for a variety of purposes, from hauling reusable dishes to collecting recyclables at schools to exchange for money toward planting trees. Thanks!
I am in need of storage space in the bathroom! Anyone have one of those things that stands over the back of the toilet with shelves, cupboard that they don't want?
Looking for a small flatbed trailer, 4x8 or 5x10, lightweight and functional, lppks don't matter
Looking for that old Lego Robotics mat that your club or family no longer wants. Working on starting a club and want something the kids can practice on. If you have the models that go with it, that would be great!
Looking for Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan books, any titles!
I need a 6 foot or taller ladder. Lighter weight than heavier preferred. Please reply to email. Thank you.
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