19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Camping supplies needed for future camping trips.
19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 750 ml wine bottles that accept corks. Not choosy about shape or color!
I'm looking for elemental coffee cans, check your garages and see if you have any storing things. I'll come and take them off your hands Thanks in advance.
19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for somewhere I can take my food scraps regularly for compost. My apartment building does not offer compost pickup. Thank you!
I m in need of a dishwasher please
18-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Just out of hospital surgery need walker
18-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! If anyone has this adapter and doesn't want it, I'd love to have it. THANK YOU! Victoria
17-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I'm afraid my SCOBY may no longer be active; anyone have one they're willing to give up? Thanks!
I am in need of boxes large, medium, and small boxes for our church's vacation bible school. They need to be in good condition as they will be used in decorating.
15-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
The ideal would be square and intended for carpet, but a clean looking one of any sort would help. Thanks
15-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for something hand-held which will shoot multiple streams of water at least 10 feet, the farther, the better. I don't know the different brands and names. Thanks
14-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Just moved. Need some stuff, most importantly lamps. Also need end tables and a dresser.
13-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Anyone have some old Corelle dishes they d like to get rid of? I m trying to find something less breakable but not plastic for my kids to use. Thanks!!
13-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I need to replace my old metal two-wheel wagon.
12-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi All! Been craving home made pizza! So, I'm looking for a pizza stone - really don't want to burn-in a new one. Anyone have one collecting dust that I could relieve you of? Thank you! p
12-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Will pick up all Styrofoam packing peanuts you have available
12-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
If you have an old, maybe broken, bike trailer for your kids/dog or a cargo trailer you aren't using, I'll take it off your hands. I'm making a cart for the dogs to pull, and all I really need are a pair of 20" tires, the axle, and frame... so if the canopy is shot, it won't matter. Thanks!
10-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a weed wacker, doesn t need to be special just in desperate need to manage my yard!
9-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I'm moving this month and need some boxes for the move! Thanks!
9-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Need a short hose for my side garden (15-20 feet would work fine). If part of the hose is missing, that would be okay as long as it still attaches to the spigot. Thanks!
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