Needing any Koi pond supplies available, food,chemicals,rocks, etc
Need to replace a cranky printer with spendy ink with something economical. If you have a working Brother WL series B&W laser no longer needed, would be happy to make pickup.
I need bunkbeds that can come apart into 2 separate beds. Can't afford much.
I'm helping an elderly woman re-locate. I'm looking for clean cardboard boxes. Thank you.
My 1970s era Rival Crock Pot chipped its lid. Outside diameter 7.75 in & inside diameter 6.5 in. Thanks
Looking for 1 or 2 ceiling fans. Don t have to be pretty but need to be functional. With or without lights. Thanks!
Looking for a sprinkler or something to water a small garden
Any color is fine, but I am needing Rubbermaid rather than brands like Sterlite since I have to carry them a ways when they are full. I m a Master Recycler and use them for a variety of purposes, from hauling reusable dishes to collecting recyclables at schools to exchange for money toward planting trees. Thanks!
looking for a working dehydrator
I am in need of storage space in the bathroom! Anyone have one of those things that stands over the back of the toilet with shelves, cupboard that they don't want?
Looking for a small flatbed trailer, 4x8 or 5x10, lightweight and functional, lppks don't matter
Looking for that old Lego Robotics mat that your club or family no longer wants. Working on starting a club and want something the kids can practice on. If you have the models that go with it, that would be great!
looking for a functional 2 person canoe
Looking for Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan books, any titles!
I need a 6 foot or taller ladder. Lighter weight than heavier preferred. Please reply to email. Thank you.
Doesnt matter what kind of clothes i just need some
Wanted; Intel Tower computer. One that will Run Windows XP, Vista, or 2000. I have monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
I m in need of a dishwasher please
Just discovered my daughter s mattress is busting springs and holes in both sides. Buying is not in the budget cards right now. Hoping someone has one in good to excellent condition that you just want gone. Really just need the mattress as can continue to use current box springs. Thank you.
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