If you have a crab ring or two that I can have or borrow for this weekend I would appreciate it
I would love some old or newer hardcover books that you have no need of. Thank you!
Looking for a few nonstick frying pans. My roommates and I are all doing a year of service and don't have many extra funds for household items!
I'm searching for a white Ingolf chair - although, I guess I could paint one of a different color - for parts. The back crossbraces broke on my chair, and IKEA does not sell replacements. They suggested I buy a new chair! The back from the whole chair would work too - if it is in good condition. TIA!
I am looking for plastic canvas craft supplies. The needles, the plastic canvas, yarn in Christmas colors (reds, white, blues, yellows,browns, etc) my kids want to make some decorations for our tree, house, family, friends, etc. If anyone has anything they are willing to part with that would be amazing
In need of small and medium size moving boxes and packing material. Thanks.
Or other LARGE Widemouth Jar for Science Experiments in my classroom - with or without lid :)