10 hours agoPortland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
New teacher seeking to outfit a classroom. Looking for a flat file for posters and big paper and a book display case for little kids.
23-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a bed frame (any kind) to fit a full size mattress for our guest room.
Wanted; Intel Tower computer. One that will Run Windows XP, Vista, or 2000. I have monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
22-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a used runner rug to cover a painted floor. Turkish/Persian, Mexican, SW style? anyone looking to get an old rug off their hands?
22-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for clothes and shoes for a tall 6-year old girl. Please share any that your child may have outgrown. Thank you!
Looking for a loft bed for a teenage girl. Would prefer a wood frame.
21-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
The really squishy thick kind for pilates. Must be 1/2 inch
21-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for your old broken fishing poles to use for making the wings for a bicycle (think burning man). I will be riding the high profile bike along the Willamette River as part of a grant to interview people under the bridges and get their stories.
21-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
for a winged bicycle sculptural project
Looking for 1 or 2 ceiling fans, for large rooms. Don t have to be pretty but need to be functional. With or without lights. Thanks!
20-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Seek small to medium sized hair dryer to put in a suitcase. So one that does not weigh too much. Working and functioning well. Thanks
20-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking sturdy large luggage with wheels for long trips to far away places. Luggage can be new or old as long as it is sturdy and won't break when baggage handlers man handle It.
20-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for work and I don't have a car, but I need to be able to get around faster than walking. Would very much appreciate it!
Need old fence boards to help with wood projects. Will haul them at your convenience. Please send reply to email. Thank you. Stephanie
19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Camping supplies needed for future camping trips.
19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 750 ml wine bottles that accept corks. Not choosy about shape or color!
I'm looking for elemental coffee cans, check your garages and see if you have any storing things. I'll come and take them off your hands Thanks in advance.
19-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for somewhere I can take my food scraps regularly for compost. My apartment building does not offer compost pickup. Thank you!
I m in need of a dishwasher please
18-Jun-2018Portland, OR(19 miles)Items Wanted
Just out of hospital surgery need walker
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