Chrome rims are used and have some scratches but I'm fairly good shape or a recently removed from a Mercedes Benz
20 inch chrome rims in Fairly good shape I recently removed from a Mercedes Benz would tires available also and cover caps
A set of four Universal lug nut chrome rims 22 in
A set of four Universal lug nut chrome rims 22 in
40x12.5x17 Goodyear MTR's (4), wheels not included. Practically new, under 50 street-only miles on them. Project changed directions and I'm downsizing to a 38/39" tire. looking to get $1800 OBO. Located near Boise Idaho, 83647.
If your gussets are rusted or damaged you can now finally replace them. These are $65.00 per set or $20 each. Call me with any questions. These fit all bug convertibles up to 1967. They may fit lat model bugs as well I don t have one to check. Jason 503-476-4123
We have one good release cable removed from a 74 412 wagon. This rivets to the glove box. Price is $31 shipped in the Lower 48. Thanks for looking, Jason
I have here one old emblem removed from a 73 thing years back. Price is $35 shipped in the lower 48. Thanks, Jason
I have a bus rotisserie I do t need anymore. At least I think I don t. This sucka is built tough! One front, one rear. Fits all split bus and truck. Might even do early bays. Price is $1500. Please note, this is located in the Portland, OR metro area. Sorry about the crappy pics! Hard to move this by myself. Thanks for looking, Jason
I have more than a cars worth of rear upper air intake inserts for a 412 wagon. Price is $55 shipped for all in the USA. Thanks, Jason
I have a hood handle I am told is from an early A car. This is in decent shape, emblem is intact and has nice patina. The two smaller threaded inserts towards the windshield need to be drilled out and replaced. Chrome is decent, hard to find original part. Price is $375 plus shipping in the USA. Thanks, Jason
VW SMOOTHY STEEL WHEEL, ORIGINAL TU-TONE PAINT Includes what is shown - 1 Wheel Came from a hoard we recently acquired from a Porsche body shop that closed and the building boarded up 40 years ago. Parts were stored in dry attic that was only accessible via a 12' ladder so the parts have been undisturbed for decades.
I have one original dimmer switch removed from a 54 coupe. This switch worked when removed and has been sitting indoors for thirty years. Comes with a section of the original wire harness still attached. Price is $116 shipped in the USA. Thanks for looking, Jason
I have for sale early post barndoor wolfsburg built bus upper air box intake screens. These are for the early wolfsburg bus with wide mesh. These are exact and cut with a little extra material for your wolfsburg bus project. You can weave these in with mechanics wire or tack weld these in. Price is $45 a pair shipped in the USA.
NOS Steering Washers. VW number 111-415-619C #47 here
NOS 321 919 511 Temperature Gauge. Made in Germany. Date code 1/81 1981. $55
NOS Oil Filter Mount to Case Gaskets. Type 4 motors VW number 021-115-359A. $3. each Fits Vehicles: Bus (Type 2) 1972-1979 Vanagon Air Cooled : 1980-1983
NOS Moto Meter Temperature Gauge German. Reads from 100-280 Degrees Fahrenheit. 40mm. $60.